Web Hosting Transfer

This page allows you to set up a Web hosting account if your domain name is already registered with another company, such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy. Use this page if your domain name already exists.

There are no setup or transfer fees. Only our normal hosting fees apply; for details, see our plan description page. Even better, we can probably renew your domain name registration when it expires at no extra charge, because the most popular domain name renewals are included in the monthly hosting fee.

Ready to sign up? Just type your current domain name to get started with the order form.

Transfer an existing site

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What happens after I sign up?

Signing up creates an account on our servers for your domain name, but it won't make any changes to the "live" domain name yet. We know that it might take some time to configure your Web site and e-mail on our servers, so we never make any changes to "point" your Web site or e-mail at our servers until you later tell us that it's okay to do so.

Most customers choose to transfer their domain name (as well as the Web hosting service) to us. If you choose that option on the order form, we can provide free .com, .net or .org domain name renewal and handle the technical side of updating the "DNS nameservers" for you. You'll just need to approve the transfer on a Web page and publish your files to our servers.

If you prefer to keep the domain name registered elsewhere, just choose that option on the order form. You'll need to update the DNS nameservers yourself when you're ready.

By the way, if you currently use another Web hosting company, don't cancel your service with them until we tell you it's safe to do so. It can take several days before everyone on the Internet connects our new servers.